Corporate Training

The beginning of the millennia saw a surge in the training vertical. Increasing globalization forced all organizations to look at the biggest asset an organization always had i.e. It’s People.

The start of the century bought people together from different parts of world working together across geographies and in the same geography. Organizations started looking at various human practices taking place at work i.e team work, conflict management, problem solving, leadership, communication, etc. The observations were quite alarming. There was huge gap between what was and what should be. The gaps were such that it was impacting the organizations productivity, profitability and the biggest the organization culture and reputation. At the bottom of all this was insensitive behaviour to values and ethics of people or as one might say lack of understanding and humility towards what was new.

People have always been the biggest asset of an organization and it was time that one started investing in them. Training Vertical which in most organization was an arm under the HR ventured out as an infant and started growing like a child enhancing the skill set level of employees.

Training vertical is the most exclusive and inclusive of all it provides an opportunity to all who are willing to learn new skills. Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

In addition to the basic training required for a tradeoccupation or profession, training may continue beyond initial competence to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life. People within some professions and occupations may refer to this sort of training as professional development.

The evolution of training in the last 2 decades has been not short of what one might call a miracle. Today when an organization is hiring a candidate irrespective of designation, the organization is more focussed on measuring cultural fitment. One of the factors being willingness to learn new things and ability to work with people from different cultures. We have come a long way, however the journey has just started as business environments are changing at a rapid pace and thus the need to evolve the culture within the organization. This makes it mandatory that the employees are on a continues learning curve i.e. learning new things and forced the training vertical to constantly look at reinventing the programs as per changing environments.

With the constantly changing work dynamics and environment this is a continues and ongoing process, a process which if halted or slowed down could very much define the rise and fall of environment in the organization and in the process rise and fall of the organization. Today the organizations are looking at partnering with organizations which are a cultural match to ensure state of the art service levels for their clients.

In a continues and constant changing world training would play a pivotal role as it equips people with tools and skills and transform the entire workforce into one which is not afraid of changing environments and culture.

Few highlights of the trainings we have crafted for our clients:


Leadership Skills Business Communication Empathy
Creative Thinking Email Etiquette Rapport Building
Time Management Culture Sensitization Sales Training
Stress Management Business Etiquette Group Discussion
Change Management Telephone Etiquette New Managers
Conflict Management Language Training Interview Skills
Decision Making Voice and Accent Team Building
Negotiation Skills Grooming & Dinning Etiquettes Hospitality Training
Organizational Behaviour Assertiveness Campus to Corporate
Transactional Analysis Customer Service Train the Trainer
Coaching and Mentoring Presentation Skills Facilitation Skills
SWOT Analysis Listening Skills Teacher Training
JOHARI Window Effective Listening Parenting Workshops
Goal Setting Body Language Culture Training
Soft Skills Tele Sales Out Bound Training

With Covid-19 situation in the world, there has been increase in the training requirements and bringing people together. We are facilitating online training for your teams to keep their motivation high and help enhance their skills.

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