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Ensure regulatory compliance
In regulated industries, such as the FDA and ISO environments, companies are required to
implement and document employee training to ensure that their personnel know how to
perform their duties within company and industry guidelines. As a result, training control is
critical to Compliance.

Compliance and Audit Management Solutions (CAMS) - Learning Management Solution helps
you manage training tasks and related compliance requirements by automating and streamlining
training processes from start to finish.

The system automates training management from start to finish by automatically delivering
training tasks, grading online exams, integrating with quality processes (for highly regulated
companies) and by providing the analytics and reporting features that are valuable for
continued improvement and compliance.
Proof of Employee Competency
Track Modified SOP & Training Schedules
Centralize your organization’s training data
Know who needs to be trained on what and when
Advance Analytics and Reporting
Reduce training costs
Drive effective training completion
Easy to Implement & Use
Dashboards and Scorecards
Dashboards for individual users, groups, and roles to ensure individual users see the most
relevant information to their job function.
Custom charts, graphs and scorecards on personalized dashboards for at-a-glance insights
for all levels
Clickable graphs and charts to perform relevant activities
Include navigation to important reports, forms, and tasks directly from each dashboard.
Task Management and Notifications
View activities sorted by target date, person responsible, department or location.
Automate the process of alerting employees of overdue tasks with notifications that
ascend the chain of command if requirements are not fulfilled.
Notifications can be scheduled in advance or triggered by overdue activities.
Multi-Site, Location and Group Management
Filter data according to locations and regions, or across the entire organization.
Restrict user access to data by location or region, or companywide, based on their role
within the corporate hierarchy.
Roll up data to different management locations.
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Gain insights into any aspect of corporate performance by generating instant, boardroom-
quality reports with the click of a button.
Use an array of preformatted reports or generate unlimited configurable reports to
address company-specific needs.
Generate reports demonstrating regulatory compliance as well as conformance to
standards related to regulations laid down for quality, environment, safety and more.
User Security: Specify access level by working groups.
Control access to files, documents, records and more.
Network Security: CAMS offers a fully secure solution hosted through Rackspace Managed
Hosting, an industry leader in security and reliability. Rackspace regularly completes audits
to comply with SAS 70 Type II/SSAE 16 certification.
Securely access our entire web-based system from anywhere in the world across Internet-
compatible mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.), and with any widely used
browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) on Windows, Mac OS X and other
operating systems.
System Integration
Seamlessly import all legacy system data and use our open API to easily integrate CAMS
with existing ERP and other management systems
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